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accelerating new business opportunities for technology startups.

  • Driving PR strategy for startups
  • Raising awareness and increasing inbound leads
  • Polishing messaging, perfecting corporate communications, and propelling media relations
  • Establishing category leaders
  • Crafting thought leadership
  • Based in CA and NYC



Before you  tell the world about your company or team, pinpoint exactly what you want to say and how. ID’ing how your company is different and concisely encapsulate why you’re better will make you stand out. That’s where we come in.


Knowing which reporters cover what beats is our specialty. And knowing how to appeal to them will help get your noticed. Our job is to get you meetings so that you’ll be seen and remembered.


We plan how to take your message public in a way that boosts awareness of your products and services. Using examples of your work in the marketplace, we establish credibility and compel reporters to care enough about your offer to write a story.


Oftentimes numbers tell the best stories. We can help you figure out what data is right under your nose that will help you get noticed. Then we’ll help you craft that into a narrative that will interest editors.


To complement news announcements, we launch thought leadership initiatives. By mining topical idioms and crafting opinion pieces we make sure your thoughts stay in the public eye—even when you don’t have news to stop the presses.

Word Play helps startups as well as established enterprises identify their unique differentiators, discern what matters most in their messaging, and communicate with the world. Word Play specializes in B2B companies, but digs working with B2C businesses as well. Whether you have an app, a consumer hardware product, or a SaaS platform, we can support you!

What Our Clients Say

"I knew from the first call that Diane would bring energy to our project. She brought together a phenomenal team that hit the ground running and was productive from day one rather than wasting time getting up to speed or pontificating endlessly about future strategy. Diane exhibited leadership, creative thinking, and made it easy to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. I've worked with many PR teams in my time. Working with Word Play has been by far the best experience I've had to date. I would definitely work with Word Play over and over again." 

— Jeff Nolan, CMO at Kahuna


Work with C-suite executives at high-growth, data-driven technology startups, like ...

Client testimonials

Julian Baring Adform

“It is a joy working with Diane and any endeavor will be stronger and better for her involvement. I greatly value her media savvy. professional guidance and input, she is tenacious in developing opportunities. keeping projects moving, constantly delivering value and developing new avenues to help grow our local footprint. For a European business initially referred to as “the best kept secret in Ad tech” she helped us build a meaningful presence and name recognition in a heavily saturated market, jumping on opportunities, making sure we navigated tricky waters (and calls) safely, and helping execute a consistent stream of commentary and provide valuable input into the industry conversation. Diane’s impact has been immense and it has been a great pleasure to work with her and have her as part of the team.”

Julian Baring

General Manager, Adform US

Falguni Bhuta

“Diane represented Opera Mediaworks where I headed communications. Bringing Diane on made a world of a difference to our PR and marketing strategy. In less than 6 months, she was able to demonstrate a very high calibre of results in the way Opera was represented in the ad tech, business and tech press. Diane was consistently able to craft the right messaging we wanted to push externally, and present it to reporters in a way they wanted to hear about it! We got coverage in top tier online and broadcast outlets and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Diane is highly-connected, smart and resourceful, and her past experience being a reporter gives her a big edge over others.”

Falguni Bhuta

Fmr Communications and Marketing Leader at Opera / Head of Global Communications at Kahoot!

Kate Walling

“Diane is exactly what you want in a partner. She is very responsive, thoughtful, and creative in her approach, and most of all, she delivers results quickly. Within several months, Diane helped us receive coverage in top industry trades, increased our brand awareness through event and online interviews, and helped us build and nurture relationships with strong influencer and client advocates. Diane is a strong storyteller and fully embraces the marketing teams she works with - both in terms of understanding key initiatives across the team and in being a resource for everyone.”

Kate Walling

Fmr Dir. of Marketing at Thinknear by Telenav

Farhad Farahbakhshian

“Diane was extremely helpful in getting us press meetings that we could not get through traditional paths. I wish I had met her earlier to help advise us on our press strategy. The difference with Diane is that she was a writer and has real relationships that result in great articles!”

Farhad Farahbakhshian

CEO of Naked Labs

Brett Kohn

“Diane was an incredible extension of our marketing team and has a great understanding of the digital marketing world. She knows key players, understands the issues, and helped craft messaging that truly resonated with our core audience. She's very responsive and is a true pro when it comes to making things happen.”

Brett Kohn

President and General Manager, Thinknear


“Diane has been a huge asset to DWA and is always looking for opportunities to grow our company’s reputation. I never feel like we’re one of many clients—she manages to juggle her time in a way that provides us with ample support and responsiveness. She’s managed to get us in countless top-notch industry publications and takes an active approach to engaging our team on deliverables; she feels like a true partner and consultant rather than a contractor. Our team has been very impressed with her work over the last two years.”

Eva Johnson

Director of Marketing & Communications at DWA


“Diane is a fantastic PR partner to any executive. She is especially skilled at helping entrepreneurs or execs just getting their first exposure to the world of PR.  She’s a great coach who brings to the table years of experience and a strong media network.”

Justin Choi

Nativo CEO and Head of Product at Cie

What Makes Us Different?


We keep a flat structure where our core experience represents 25+ years in journalism and in-house marketing. Each is responsible and held accountable for strategic as well as tactical activities. No delegation. No junior hires.


Any firm can create long lists of PR connections—but what’s the real nature of their “relationships”? We treat our media relationships with deep sanctity. Journalists remember and talk to us regularly.


We’re acutely aware that a startup’s strategy and business decisions move quickly, especially in fast-paced, dynamic industries. In those times, we easily adjust, flip the switch on marketing and PR strategies, and do what’s needed to move as quickly—and methodically—as possible with our clients.


Traditional client-agency relationships wane over time due to inertia and lack of fresh ideas. Our multi-year clients beg to differ—we consistently infuse new POVs to test and explore in the market.

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